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Attraction Mantra

Attraction Mantra

Attraction Mantra

Attraction Mantra

Attraction Mantra

Attraction mantra as its name it is use for attract someone or control someone. attraction mantra is similar to Vashikaran mantra or mohini vashikaran Mantra.

Attraction mantra or Mohini Attraction mantra is Ancient Hindu Science. Each Mantra has A unique Frequency. Like mohini Attracion mantra Frequency is used to attract. Mohini vashikaran is most powerful Attraction Mantra.

Other Attraction Mantra Is Created By Kamdev. But Mohini Attraction Mantra created By Goddess Mohini Devi.

You can Use This mantra to Attract or Control Anyone Like girls, women, boys, men, husband, females Etc.

I Am Given you Mantra but Use it With Siddh Person. may be it Will Given Harmful Effect. i have not use it. i am given you it for information purpose only.



“Ya Mohini Amuk Vash Mai Kuru Kuru Swaha”

Note-: Amuk means remember That Person That You want Attract or Control.

Vidhi: At Monday wake up early morning. after bathing in-front of Mohini devi Remember This mantra 101 Time with milk. Then Drink That Milk. do it same 7 Monday.

After this Siddhi you can Control Anyone. but remember don’t use  this power in bad purpose otherwise you will lose your power and your eye power.


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