Black Magic Love Spells

Black Magic Love Spells

Black Magic Love Spells

Black Magic Love Spells

black magic love spells is most powerful love spells to get your love back. if you are trouble related to love problems then you can try this spells. it will solve all your love related problems.

each and every lover want to marry with his/her partner but due to some problems like family, caste, money, other partner in life he/she are facing problems in love relations. black magic love spells is solutions for these all kind of problems.

today i am given you black magic love spells mantra and its process. this is completely free black magic love spells and its work strongly. this real and powerful black magic spells will provide you real solution for your love problems. this black magic love spells also called dark magic love spells. please read it carefully.


” ho aho meru kali mila de mohe amukam jo chaha wo paya tere dar pe jo aaya”

Process to Siddhi:

to siddh this mantra you must need some items here is details:

1. maa kalika poster

2. til oil diya

3. his/her photo

4. pushp of mogra

5. a cock

6. wine

7. black cloth

before start first light Til oil diya in front of maa kaliya poster. then make a doll using by black cloth and put his/her photo inside that doll. after put wine in a pot (Katora) and put this doll in that pot. now stay this pot near by maa kalika poster. after provide pushp of mogra at maa kalika poster. after done all start champing above black magic love spells mantra 5100 time. after complete champing kurban cock and provide it to maa kalika. now all is done. leave all items as its location. get that doll and put it at his/her home at night.that person home that you want to control. he/she will suddenly in your control at next day.

keep remember for siddh this mantra you need a place there no buddy will come at night. means out side of your home. best time midnight 1 AM to 3 AM Saturday without moon.

Note:  all mantra tantra siddhi is difficult process.  without expert guru it may be given wrong or may be harmful result on you. we are sharing it for information purpose only. don’t do it without a expert guru. for more details Contact Us now:

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