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Kala Ilm

Kala Ilm

Kala Ilm


kala ilm or black magic or kala jadu related to dark side of spiritual science. its also called evil magic. by using kala ilm evil fight to good spirits. due to kala ilm evil has spiritual power. kala ilm is most powerful and quick action ilm for getting success in your life.

when white magic is not work due to any reason then you must try to use kala ilm to solve all your problems. in our life we are facing lot of problems related to love, family, court, land, income, child etc for quick solution about these problems only kala ilm is single solution.

today i am given you a mantra related to kala ilm. this is unique and sasvat kala ilm mantra. by using this mantra you will get success related to your problems but keep remember each of every time fulfill of your wish it may be need some from your side. i am saying some because i also don’t know what is its demand after complete your wish. each and every time it need some thing from your side and its random choice.


” ya kali ya sarve bhutesu ya danwa mahisasur ajay tere kirti sab hai tere bhog ya maya ka devta mai hu tera daas kar jo pura mere man ka mai du jo chahe tu mahakaal”

How to Siddh This Mantra:

for siddh this kala ilm mantra you must need to champ it 3000 time at Saturday night after 12 AM to 3 AM midnight near by any Aakda tree. there is nobody will come at night. do it 3 Saturday continue. at the 3rd Saturday provide bhog to aakda tree by using any white sweet. now you have a siddh kala ilm mantra. keep remember carefully that you always need to provide bhog to that Aakda tree on each saturday without champing this mantra. when that Aakda tree will destroy or dry then you also lost your siddh mantra. for getting siddh kala ilm mantra you must need to again siddh it by using same process.

How To Use It:

for using this mantra just champ this mantra 3 time ask to fulfill your wish to evil god mahisasur. your wish will complete within 24 hrs. but after complete your wish you need to provide him as they want. otherwise you will loss your life.

so today i have told you all about kala ilm in hindi. now you know kala ilm kya hai. this is really super power kala ilm karne ka tarika. at my next post i will tel you kaka ilm ka tor in urdu. kala ilm is mostly use in india. some groups of Aghori know kala ilm ki duniya. when you get effect from kala ilm then there is some nishani to know are you effected by kala ilm. i will tel you later about kala ilm ki nishani. so read careful all about kala ilm and learn more about kala ilm.


Note:  all vashikaran, tantra, mantra, black magic and totke is difficult to siddha. without a expert guru it may be harmful for you. it may be given you harmful result or serious problem. we advice to you don’t try to siddh these mantra without a expert guru. we are sharing here for information purpose only. for more details please feel free Contact Us now:

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