Remove Negative Energy Mantra

Remove Negative Energy Mantra

Remove Negative Energy Mantra


Remove Negative Energy Mantra, Mantras are powerful tools that you can utilize in order to remove all kinds of problems from your life. However, in order for any mantra to work perfectly for you, you must have full faith in it. The main purpose of a mantra is for you to achieve some goal such as finding peace, getting rid of a problem, attracting what you want and so on.

Remove Negative Energy Mantra

Remove Negative Energy Mantra

Remove Negative Energy Mantra

There are plenty of mantras that can be chanted by you in order to get something done so that you feel better.

For most mantras, there is a particular way in which you have todo them such a specified number of times that you have to chant them.

Make sure that you pronounce the words properly and you perform the mantra with complete concentration.

If possible, do it where no one will disturb you so that you can be completely focused on the mantra only.


Negative energy affects you in all the wrong ways. It makes you feel negative emotion and it makes you be in a strong state of bad mood. Negative energy affects not only individuals but the whole environment such as your home, office etc.

Remove Negative Energy Mantra

Don’t worry because there are several easy ways in which you can remove it forever. You can utilize a mantra to remove negative energy. Regular chanting of such a mantra will infuse your environment with positive energy at all times.Here are some examples of mantras to remove negative energy:

  • “Om namohanumatebhaybhamjanayasukhankuruphatswaha.”
  • “Om shreehanumatephat.”
  • “Om tryambakamyajamahesugandhimpushtivardhanamurvarukamicabandhananmrityormukshiyamamritat.”
  • “Om vajrasattwahhoong.”
  • “Hoongvajrapae.”
  • “Ekonkarsatgur pas.”
  • “Narasimha ta va da so hum.”
  • “Om klimkalikayeinamah.”
  • “Om apasarpantu tae bhutayeibhutabhuvisamstitahayeibhutavignakartarasteigachantushivaajnaya.”
  • You must recite this mantra 108 times daily:

“Om vamvamvamnamorudrebhyeksharmksharmkshrimswaha.”

  • A mantra in gurmukhi language:

“Khagkhandbihandankhal dal khandan at ran mandan bar bandan.

Bhujdandhakhandantejparchandan jot amandanbhaanprabham.

Sukhsantakarnangdurman darning kilbikhharnang as sarnang.

Jai jai jag kaaransristubaaran mam pratipaaran jaitegang.”

A thought is an extremely important aspect of your life since the thoughts you generally have determine the course of your life.

Remove Negative Energy Mantra

This is because your mood and eventually your behavior are directly linked to the thoughts you have. Hence, if you find yourself in the middle of a negative thought, you should make an effort to change your negative thought immediately.

You can effortlessly do so by using a mantra to remove negative thought from mind. Here are several mantras to remove negative thoughts from mind:

  • “Om shanti om.”
  • “Om sharavanabhavayanamaha.”
  • “Om shrimmahalakshimiyeiswaha.”
  • You must be wearing gold at the time you perform the mantra and you should recite it 108 times regularly:


  • “Om ah ra pat san a dhihdhihdhih.”
  • You must chant this mantra 108 times and you should face East or North direction:

“Om aim hreemkleemchamundayevichche.”

You may be having constant bad experiences in your life although you are doing everything correctly and with a pure heart. This might indicate that someone else has done black magic on you and that is why you are suffering unnecessarily.

Remove Negative Energy Mantra

You may have also found out that someone has done black magic on you. In either case if you want toget rid of all the ill-effects of black magic you can chant mantra to remove black magic effect. Following are some examples of powerful mantras to remove black magic effects:

  • You must chant this mantra twice a day:

“Vakratundamahakayasuryakottisamarprabhanirvighnamkuru me deva sarvakaryessusarvada.”

  • You should chant the following 10,000 times on an auspicious day or solar/lunar eclipse:

“Om siaaikolagaaijat gat khatulatpulatlukajhukakosaarnaar siddhi gorakhnathkiduhai mantra furoishwarovachaa.”

  • You should chant the following mantra 12,100 times first in order to energize it and then chant it for 108 times daily:

“Om namobhagavatheaanjenayayamahabalaayaswaha.”

  • You can chant the dhumavati mantra using the following vidhi:
  1. You must start chanting this mantra on Navratri or VijayaDashmi:


  1. Face in the south direction and wear black when you do say this mantra.
  • Keep a picture of mahavidyadhumavati and worship by offering flowers and lighting agarbattis. Then light a diyawith ghee.
  1. You must chant the mantra 11 malas on first day and then from the next day chant it for 11 times.
  • Another powerful mantra you can use to remove black magic effects is as follows:
  1. First, put drinking water in a copper kalash.
  2. Dip all your fingers of your right hand into the water.
  • You must then chant the following mantra:

“Om harimarkatamahamarkataayaparayantrabhaya, paramantrabhaya, paratantrabhaya, paravidyachedayachedaya.”

  1. Drink it. Continue this procedure every day until you feel better.

There are many times in a person’s life when you are carrying karma from your past life for which you have to pay now.

That is, you have some karma or curses of your past life that needs to be cleared up to live a fulfilling life at present. You can achieve this simply by chanting mantra to remove curses of past life. +

Although there are several such mantras, here are some specific mantras to remove curses of past life:

  • “Om bhurbhuvahswaha tat saviturvarenyambhargodevasyadhimahiyonahprachodayat.”
  • “Om srishanaishwarayaswahe.”
  • You must chant the following 27 times at night:

“Kali durgenamonama.”

  • You should chant the following mantra 108 times in the morning:


  • You must chant the following mantra on an auspicious day or time on Shraadh.
  1. Make sure that you are wearing white clothes.
  2. Light a diya with ghee and then performance.
  • Next, chant the mantra for 16 malas per day:

“Om shreemsarvapitradoshanivaranaykleshamhanhansukhshantimdehiphatswaha.”

  1. You should then give food to Brahmins, cows and poor people. While you give, chant “swahaswaha” 3 times.

You have seen that you can use several powerful mantras to remove negative energy, negative thoughts from mind, black magic effects and curses of past life.

Remove Negative Energy Mantra

Mantras are very effective as long as you do them with dedication. You should do your research properly so that you get the mantra to solve your exact problem. There are many mantras for you to choose them. Just perform the mantra that makes you feel good.

You must let your intuition guide you to the best mantra out there for you. You will definitely find what you are looking for if you are genuinely looking for it. Mantras can easily solve all the issues cropping up in your life. Keep a positive outlook on life.

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