Siddh Love Vashikaran Kavach

Siddh Love Vashikaran Kavach

Siddh Love Vashikaran Kavach

Siddh Love Vashikaran Kavach, Vashikaran means to control someone.  It is possible only with siddh mohini vashikaran kavach. You can attract anyone you want. And, you can let him follow you. Also, you can use siddh mohini vashikaran kavach to get love back. Moreover, through this kavach, you can gain success in your life.

Siddh Love Vashikaran Kavach

Siddh Love Vashikaran Kavach

You can also get the support you want in your life with siddh mohini vashikaran kavach. You can use siddh mohini vashikaran kavach if you or your child is afraid of enemies in life. The one who wears this siddh mohini vashikaran kavach gets luck and success. It consists of all the power packed mantras. Thus, it can protect you from effects of vashikaran and black magic.

You can wear the siddh mohini vashikaran kavach on Thursday. And, you can control any man or woman whom you desire. The siddh mohini vashikaran kavach has a lot of effects on you. Further to this, these are strong and effective mantras. By this, you achieve anything you need in your life. So, you should wear this siddh mohini vashikaran kavach. Then, you will start getting results from the first day itself.

There are two things with which siddh mohini vashikaran kavach gets ready; siddhi and tantra. It works as a great spell to attract the other person. Also, it charms the entire world. When you wear siddh mohini vashikaran kavach, you get fast results. Also, you should try to desire with more focus.

Sarvjan Maha Vashikaran Kavach

The word sarvjan means ‘for all purposes’. The sarvjan maha vashikaran kavach is very efficient and helpful. It will let you get everything you want. You can wear this kavach on Thursday. Also, you can recite sarvjan maha vashikaran kavach on a daily basis. In today, you should chant for a period of 21 or 51 days. When you do worship, you can light a lamp also.

Apart from this, you can offer golden rice on first and last day of worship. When you wear sarvjan maha vashikaran kavach, it fulfils all your desires. There are many ways in which a sarvjan maha vashikaran kavach can help you. For example, when you want to go for interview, you can wear this sarvjan maha vashikaran kavach. Other than this, you can get success, love, money and power to attract.

The effect of sarvjan maha vashikaran kavach is great. No evil power can touch you. And, you will be away from all kinds of problems in your life. Further, you can find this sarvjan maha vashikaran kavach as your luck charm. Sarvjan maha vashikaran kavach is the best way to protect you from all the evil powers. All kinds of bad energies will stay away. Hence, you should always have sarvjan maha vashikaran kavach with you.

Yakshini Apsara Vashikaran Kavach

Those who want to have a charming body and face can use yakshini apsara vashikaran kavach. This kavach is so effective that whoever uses it can get the charm. This kind of charm as well as richness is same like Apsara. This yakshini apsara vashikaran kavach is not only for women but men can also use it.

Apsara is known to love the fragrance of flowers like jasmine, rose etc. You should perform the mantra of yakshini apsara vashikaran kavach with whole belief and faith. Then you would get to see Apsara. Also, Apsara brings perfume, rose, milk, drinks etc. for sadhak who recites yakshini apsara vashikaran kavach.

On reciting mantra of yakshini apsara vashikaran kavach, Apsara appears before him. And, she stays with him forever to fulfil all his desires. Apsara can make the life of the person who recites an extremely beautiful one. There is a yakshini apsara vashikaran kavach mantra. You should recite for 1, 5 or 7 times before yakshini pooja.

The unique thing about this kavach is that there are no harmful effects. And, you can also gain siddhi quickly. With this yakshini apsara vashikaran kavach, you get control of yakshini. Yakshini is the giver of all siddhi. You can chant the yakshini apsara vashikaran kavach as below:

“Shree Unmaatt-Bhaairaav Uvaaaach Shrinu Kaalyaaaani! Maadd-Vaaaakyaam, Kaavaachaam Dev-Durlaabhaam Yaakshini-Naayikaanaam Tu, Saankshepaaaat, Siddhi-Daaykaam Gyaaaan-Maatrein Devshi! Siddhimaaaapnoti Nishchitaam | Yaakshini Swaayaamaayaaaati, Kaavaach-Gyaaaan-Maatraataah Saarvaatraa Durlaabhaam Devi Daaaamraaishoo Praakaashitaam | Paathnaaaat Dhaaaarnaaaammaataaryo, Yaakshini-Vaashmaanyet Viniyog: Omm aasyaa Shriyaakshini-Kaavaachaasyaa Shree Gaarg Rishi, Gaayaatri Chhaand, Shree aamuki Yaakshini Devtaa, Saakshaaaat Siddhi-Saamridhyaarthaai Paaaathe Viniyog”

There is another yakshini apsara vashikaran kavach which is called Rambha Apsara Sadhana.

You can recite this mantra as below:

“Onn Divaaaayaaye Naamaah! Omm Waagishvaaraayaai Naamaah! Omm Saaundraayaa Priyaaaaye Naamaah! Omm Yoovaan Priyaaaaye Naamaah Omm Saaubhaagdraaaayaai Naamaah! Omm aaaarogyaapraadaayaai Naamaah! Omm Praanpriyaaaayaai Naamaah! Omm Ujjaashvlaaaayaai Naamaah! Omm Devaapriyaaaayaai Naamaah! Omm aaishvaaryaapraadaaaayaai Naamaah! Omm Dhaandraaaayaai Raambhaaaayaai Naamaah!”

Like other sadhanas, you have to chant Rambhaitkilan mantra after doing worship. Once you complete the sadhna, you can get all your wishes completed. And you get all the happiness you desire.

It is important for sadhak to choose an environment with peace everywhere. He should place a piece of yellow cloth. And he has to use yellow rice to create yantra in yakshini apsara vashikaran kavach sadhana.

Also, he should spray perfume on his clothes. Now, be ready to recite the mantra. You should do this sadhana only on Friday in the late night. While doing this pooja, you should be directed towards the north side.

Spray perfume around the place where you sit. And create the surrounding of fragrance around you. After this, you should focus on Guru Ganpati. And recite the following Sfateek Manhimaala Mantra for 51 times:

“Omm Urvaashi Priyaam Vaashaam Kaari Hum! Omm Haareem Urvaashi aapsraaaaye aaaagaachaagaach Swaahaa!”

You should chant this mantra for 7, 11 or 21 days. On the last day, you can recite it for 10 maala. Below the mantra, you should write your name. Now, recite the following mantra using Urvashi maala for 101 times:

“Omm Haareem Urvaashi Maamm Priye Maamm Chittaanurunjun Kaari Kaari Faatt”

By reciting above yakshini apsara vashikaran kavach, sadhak can be young and beautiful. You can get everything he wants in his life.

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