Vashikaran By Blood

Vashikaran By Blood

Vashikaran By Blood

Vashikaran By Blood


Vashikaran by blood or vashikaran using blood is most strongest method to attract someone by using vashikaran mantra. in this type of method we use some blood to siddh our vashikaran mantra and it make this mantra super strong.

for siddh this type of vashikaran you must need a human blood. if you are using period or menstrual blood then it work super fast. when all vashikaran will fail then use this vashikaran to get desire wish. today i will tel you its mantra with process please read it carefully.


ya kaal ya mahakaal tera bhog le aaj kar mai vasham ho amukam


Process To siddhi:

For siddh blood vashikaran mantra you must need some human blood if you have period blood or menstrual blood then it will work more strong if you have not then just get blood from blood bank. we need only 3-4 drops of blood to siddh this mantra. at Saturday night after 1 Am go to any grave yard with match box, pure cow butter, cotton and human blood. now collect a human bone from grave yard. after then put a peace of cotton in cow butter and keep it on human bone. now burn cotton by using match box. now start champing this mantra 2001 time. keep remember always keep burning fire on human bone via cotton and cow butter. after complete champing mantra put some drops of blood on fire. now all is done.

How to Use Blood Vashikaran Mantra:   

for using this mantra you just champ this mantra 10 time and ask for help to god of graveyard. just ask to fulfill your wish to god of graveyard. your all wish related to attraction will fulfill within 2 days.



all vashikaran, tantra, mantra and sadhana is really difficult to process. without knowledge or lake of knowledge it may be given you harmful result. without a expert guru it may be given really bad result or no result. we are sharing here for information purpose only. for any help please Contact Us now:

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