Vashikaran By Cloth

Vashikaran By Cloth

Vashikaran By Cloth

Vashikaran By Cloth


Today i will tel you another method of vashikaran mantra its called vashikaran by cloth or vashikaran mantra by cloth. like its name this vashikaran done by using cloth. for vashikaran mantra by using cloth must need his/her favorite cloth or most cloth he/she using most of time.

this is really super cool or super easy method to do vashikaran through cloth. it is taken only 3 days to given effective result. if you have without wash cloth of his/her then it will given most strong result.

today  i will provide you all information related to vashikaran using clothes or vashikaran with cloth with its mantra, process. read all carefully. after learn it you will able to do cloth vashikaran on any person.

Mantra:- ” sukham dehe sukam dehe nisfal kaam ka praman dehe meri manoti jag joti puran ho kaam lu tera naam”

Process to Siddh vashikaran with cloth:

to siddh cloth vashikaran mantra first you need below items:

1. knife

2. pure water

3. coal

4. kheer for bhog

5. owl nail

6. sindoor

7. graveyard soil

before going to siddh vashikaran by cloth make sure you have all mention items. for siddh vashikaran mantra with cloth best time is Tuesday afternoon near by pepal tree. there is no body will come. at the Tuesday around 1.30 Pm is best time to process this mantra. near by pepal tree first through some pure water like rain after that light 8-10 coal then divide cloth into two part by using knife.

provide first part to lighting coal. now hide graveyard soil, sindoor, owl nail in remaining second part of cloth. after provide bhog to lighting coal by using kheer. after do it all keep remaining second cloth at your hand and start champing above cloth vashikaran mantra 2100 time. after done champing quickly hide below remaining cloth with all items near by pepal tree. after complete three days take all items again from pepal tree and hide these items near by his/her home or his/her office.

he/she will fall in your control. he/she will do as you want. cloth vashikaran will work after 3 days. its really strong but simple fast method to do vashikaran on someone. mostly in india cloth vashikaran really popular type of vashikaran. that’s why people are not remaining cloth outside at night. some of your enemy will use this method to control you or may be one of your family member.


all vashikaran, tantra, mantra totke hard to process or siddh. sometime it may be given wrong result or no result. without a expert guru it may be not work or work wrong. sometime it may be given serious negative result on you without presence of a expert guru. according to our recommendation don’t be practice these mantra without a expert guru. we are sharing here for information purpose only. for any help Please Contact Us Now:

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