Vashikaran By Clove

Vashikaran by clove

Vashikaran by clove

Vashikaran by clove


Today i will tel you a strong vashikaran mantra by using clove. vashikaran by clove is most strongest method for control any man/woman. vashikaran through clove not only a easy method to control a person also work strongly.

vashikaran mantra using clove or vashikaran using clove you must need 3 clove that is easily to purchase from any local shop there you can shop your daily using items.

clove vashikaran is really work strong with minimum effort. today i will tel you how to clove vashikaran mantra will work? i will tel you all about vashikaran clove mantra and its siddhi process. read all carefully.

Mantra-: ” yam tat bhrwaya namo nama ya rudra ya mohini kar mai amukam siddha namo swaha

Items To Siddh This Clove Vashikaran mantra-: 

1. 3 Peace of Clove.

2. Clean Cotton.

3. Pure Cow Ghee (Butter)

4. 1 Glass Water (Pure)

5. Match Box

6. Sindoor a little amount.

How to Siddh Clove Vashikaran Mantra-:

At Friday Wake Up before 3 Am. After Done your All daily Morning Work. After Bathing Keep Clean Cloth. Done All Work Before 4.30 Am. Then Fist Make A Batti Using By Pure Cotton. Now Use a Small Pot and put some cow Ghee inside it. Put That Batti inside that pot. now Light it by using Match Box Its called Diya. Now Put 3 peace Clove in Sindoor Mix it in Sindoor Without crack it. Put All 3 Clove in 1 Glass Water. Now Start Above Clove Vashikaran Mantra 1100 Time. do it before 7 Am. After Done All you have a most powerful most strong Clove Vashikaran Mantra.

Note-: Amukam Means That Person Or Woman that you want at your control.

How To use Siddh Clove Vashikaran-:

For Using Vashikaran Through Clove you must wait next friday. it will taken 3 Friday to to work. at next Friday champ vashikaran by clove mantra 11 time and put a single clove on his/her home, office, car, or any place there he/she using at most of time. do it same 2 Friday. after complete this all work you will watch he/she will do as you want. now he/she in your control. now you can do with him//her as you want.


All Vashikaran, tantra, mantra, yantra is difficult to siddhi or process. it may be not given result or may be given false result without a expert guru. without a expert guru it may be given you serious negative result. according to our advice don’t do it without a expert guru. we are sharing here for information purpose only. if you have any problem than feel free Contact Us.

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