Vashikaran By Food

Vashikaran By Food

Vashikaran By Food

Vashikaran By Food


Today i will tel you most common way of vashikaran. its name vashikaran mantra by food. as its name indicate its done by food. means for apply this type of vashikaran we use food as medium.

most common this method used by Familiar members for fulfill to complete desire wish. as its name food vashikaran means it will only apply if you have taken food that is Siddh by vashikaran mantra.

sometime people also use it by using honey like vashikaran mantra by honey. or using pan like vashikaran mantra using pan or using supari called vashikaran mantra by supari. so vashikaran mantra by food only given by editable food only.

after taken food by using siddh mantra that person or woman will control on your hand. after complete food he/she will do as you want. so today i will tel you all about food vashikaran mantra and its siddhi prayog. read all carefully.


“tat sat fat cling cling mohu mohu fat fat swaha”

How to Siddh This Mantra:-

For Siddh vashikaran mantra by food you must need ash of a person who has died at only Saturday. at the night of Saturday after 1 Am in front of that ash start champing below mantra 3000 time. do it same 3 Saturday. after complete this siddhi you have got the power of a siddh vashikaran mantra.

How to Use:

For using vashikaran by food you just champ below mantra 3 time and mix small amount ash in food. provide this food to that person or woman that you want to control. do it only Saturday. do it 3 Saturday. after successfully taken food on 3 Saturday he/she will strongly control at your hand. now you are able to do anything with him/her. he/she will do as you like or as you want.

its type of vashikaran mantra called vashikaran with food or vashikaran through food. you can use any type of editable food like supari, honey, pan, milk etc.


All Vashikaran, Tantra, Mantra, Yantra And Totke is hard to process (Siddh) without a expert guru it may be not given result or may be given false result. sometime it may be given serious negative result on you. our advice to you don’t be practice these mantra siddhi without a expert guru. we are sharing here for information purpose only. if you have any problem then Contact Us Now:

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