Vashikaran By Hair

Vashikaran By Hair

Vashikaran By Hair

Vashikaran By Hair


Hair Vashikaran mantra is most commonly use vashikaran mantra in villages of India. vashikaran by hair mostly done by some expert vashikaran specialist in village.

if you are belong from an village then you know about it. mostly vashikaran mantra by hair applied on children’s. most commonly vashikaran using hair method done by indian vashikaran guru.

after done vashikaran through hair method on a person he/she will always think about you. he/she will always think to make you happy. he/she will not think about others. today i will tel you vashikaran mantra using hair with its complete siddhi process. read all carefully. to know about it.

Vashikaran mantra Through Hair:

Ya barrwaya ya narmunde hem hem kuru kuru chamundaya vasham aswaha

how to process hair vashikaran:

for using hair vashikaran mantra first you need hair of that person. with below items.

1. Hair of him/her

2. lemon single peace.

3. Three Pin

4. loban

5. coal

6. sindoor

7. match box

8. cotton

9. mustard oil..

10. small pot

before go ahead first make sure you have all items before start the vashikaran hair process. first you take small pot and put inside some cotton coal with mustered oil. light it by using match box. now put lodan inside this pot after successfully burn coal. now put lemon in sindoor and and put 3 pin inside this lemon. now start champing above mantra 2700 times. after complete champing above mantra put hair inside burning pot keep safe that lemon with putting 3 pins. see result within 3 days. he/she suddenly at your control. he/she do as you like. for destroy vashikaran by hair you just need to remove pins from that lemon. after removing pins he/she will free from your control.

Note:- Vashikaran, Tantra, Mantra, Siddhi is difficult to process¬† without a expert guru it may be given harmful result on you or may be not work or may be work wrong. its our advice to you don’t be use it without a expert guru. otherwise it may be given you a permanent negative result. we are sharing here for information purpose only. for more details or any help Contact Us Now:

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