Vashikaran By Lal Kitab

Vashikaran By Lal Kitab

Vashikaran By Lal Kitab

Vashikaran By Lal Kitab


Lal Kitab has been discover by British empire at Pakistan. after discover it will convert by Pt. girdhari Lal Sharma in hindi language. lal kitab is oldest script for astrology science. after a long research on lal kitab we found so many solution to given you happy life.

in the lal kitab so many totke is given for better life. these totke is easy to use. every person able to use these totke easily. so lal kitab given easy method to use magic power without difficult way.

vashikaran mantra by lal kitab is most simple way to attract a person like man/woman. by using vashikaran through lal kitab you only able to control any man/woman. today i will tel you all about vashikaran using lal kitab with its complete process or siddhi. read all carefully.

original lal kitab language was urdu mix arabic but after discover it will convert in hindi language. so we will discuss lal kitab vashikaran mantra in hindi language. these all lal kitab mantra working fine. no language bar. you can use below mantra either hindi or either arabic language.

Mantra:- ” om om om kapal kalike maa chande rudravatare bigde kaam banaye pal mai vash mai kare dusman ko dhul chataye”

How to Siddh (Process) Lal Kitab Vashikaran Mantra:-

for siddh vashikaran by lal kitab you must need some rice, roli (kumkum), ashvgandha, kesher, diya with pure Ghee, rose flower, milk, incense, itra, seven peace of stone that is picked by any river. before start to process above mantra please make sure you have all items.

best day with time to process vashikaran by lal kitab:-

Monday afternoon 1 PM to 4 Pm. at the Monday 1 Pm first light diya. now take a small pot put inside milk. now mix rice, roli, ashvgandha, kesher inside this milk. after that light incense. now put seven riven stone inside this pot. provide rose flower around of this pot. now start champing above mantra 1001 time. do it 7 days continue with same process. use all items new on each day but keep remain stone peace same.

after complete seven days process hide these seven stone near by his/her home or office. he/she will got at your control. this is most powerful vashikaran by lal kitab.


Note:- ” all vashikaran, tantra, mantra, jadu, tona difficult to process. without a expert guru it may be not work or may be wrong work. sometime it may be given harmful result on you. it may be given serious permanent result on you. so its our advice to you that don’t be use it without a expert guru. we are sharing here for information purpose only. for any help Please Write us or Contact Us:  

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