White Magic Spell For Love

White Magic Spell For Love

White Magic Spell For Love

White Magic Spell For Love


there is two type of spells in whole world. one is black spells and second is white spells. black magic spells is most effective and most powerful spells in world, but it has some side effect. white magic has no side effect. so before using black magic spells first you must try white magic spells.

white magic spells for love is really good for beginners. white magic spells work perfectly. i will given you this white magic love spells free. its really powerful. this spells work fast to get your love.

today i am given you mantra for this spells please read it careful.


“meu meu trikush jou kal kalika amukam mohu”

Note: Amukam means his/her name.

How to Process:

for siddh this mantra you must need some items. given here

1. sweet white

2. incense

3. maa kalika photo

4. his/her photo

5. rakt chandan

6. your photo

7. kajal

9. sabut salt

before go to process of siddhi please sure you have all items. otherwise your siddhi will not complete.

Best time and day to siddh this mantra: 

at Friday evening 6.30 PM to 8.30 PM

first keep clean by bathing before start to siddhi process. after that wear clean cloth. light incense in front of maa kalika photo his/her photo with your photo. then make tilik by using rakt chandan on all three photos. use kajal on your eye. take a small piece of salt on your mouth. keep remember at all siddhi process you need a peace of salt in your mouth. now start champing mantra 1008 time. after complete your mantra provide bhog to maa kalika photo. now all is done your mantra is ready to use. now you have a siddhi of white magic spells that will provide your love life again.

how to use white magic love spells: 

to use this mantra just champing this mantra 11 time by taken a very little amount of salt at your hand. put this salt at any liquid like water. sarbat, tea, coffee etc. provide it to his/her for drinking. after drink he/she will suddenly in your control.


all vashikaran tantra mantra totke are difficult to process. without a expert guru it may be given harmful result or may be not work. we are sharing here for information purpose only. for any help contact us now:

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